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Artisans can expand their reach and gain visibility in their local or regional markets. The platform helps them connect with potential clients who are actively seeking their services.

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Uncle Bob’s user base is diverse, offering artisans the opportunity to connect with a wide range of clients from different industries and backgrounds.

Streamlined Client Acquisition

The app simplifies the process of finding and acquiring new clients. Artisans can receive job requests, quotes, and inquiries directly through the platform.

Secure Transactions

Uncle Bob offers secure payment options, ensuring that artisans receive timely and secure payments for their services.

Professional Network

The platform facilitates connections with other professionals and potential partners, creating networking opportunities that can lead to collaborative projects and referrals.

Work For You


Tiling, Walling & plastering, roof & ceiling, compound maintenance, fumigation, drive-way paving


Gate fabrication, window fabrication, door fabrication, renovations, locks and levers, glass fixing


Renovations, metal priming, fresh application


vehicle repairs, vehicle spray, car wash, routine servicing, breakdown service, roadside assistance


Carpentry workshop, welding workshop, vehicle garage


Assembly, mounting, timber joinery


Piping, fixtures and fittings, water pump services, cesspool emptying, water tank refilling


Wiring, fixtures and fittings, generator services, inverter services


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We give you access to reliable and affordable services at the convenience of your mobile


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We give you access to reliable and affordable services at the convenience of your mobile