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Uncle Bob isn't just an app; it's a vision, a
commitment, and a movement.

Our journey began with the idea that there had to be a better way to connect professionals with those in need of their expertise. We envisioned a platform where opportunities flowed seamlessly, and where people could realize their full potential. With this vision in mind, Uncle Bob was born.

Our mission : Seamless connection of professionals and service providers.

Through cutting-edge technology and a commitment to excellence, we aspire to redefine the landscape of service provision, unlocking new possibilities for both service providers and clients, and ultimately contributing to a more prosperous and interconnected society.

The convenience of urban life is about to experience the biggest leap in the recent past with this cut edging solution in your home and lifestyle. With a rising mobile device reliant population and deepening internet usage, it experiences such as “uncle bob” that shall be the future. The home should not only be a place of peace and tranquility but also should be one whose maintenance should be left to only the best with recourse for any service considered below standard.

UB provides you home solutions allowing 360 degree in home convenience in the areas of; home maintenance, home emergencies, shopping and experiences all manner of professional and personal services on your couch or doing all this remotely with the satisfaction of UB at your service.

Our team is a dynamic mix of innovators, tech enthusiasts, and industry experts, all driven by a common goal - to empower professionals and services in an
ever-evolving digital landscape.

Our team

Helping businesses and talent reach their full potential

Allan Mugisha

Team Lead

Denis Kamira

Project Coordinator

Wycliff Malandi

Head of Skills and Talent

Patrick Ssali

Chief Technology Officer

Miriam Nalwoga

Chief Finance Officer

David Kasule

Head of Artisan
Outreach and Estore

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Our App Now

We give you access to reliable and affordable services at the convenience of your mobile


Our App Now

We give you access to reliable and affordable services at the convenience of your mobile