About Us:- Uncle Bob

About Us

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Who We Are ?

The convenience of urban life is about to experience the biggest leap in the recent past with this cut edging solution in your home and lifestyle. With a rising mobile device reliant population and deepening internet usage, it experiences such as “uncle bob” that shall be the future. The home should not only be a place of peace and tranquility but also should be one whose maintenance should be left to only the best with recourse for any service considered below standard.

UB provides you home solutions allowing 360 degree in home convenience in the areas of; home maintenance, home emergencies, shopping and experiences all manner of professional and personal services on your couch or doing all this remotely with the satisfaction of UB at your service.

About The Orgainsation

Uncle Bob Is A Real Live Character, A Man Who Showed All He Met The Way And In So Much Passion Sacrificed His Biggest Gift, His Life

Our Vision

To become the continent’s best urban lifestyle solutions provider

Our Mission

To contribute to convenience while changing lives

App Citizenship


Current Coverage

Kampala, Wakiso, mukono

Price Competitiveness

At least 10% Less than In Shop Rates

200 +







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Artisan Scope


Service Categories

Our Objectives

  • Delivering high standard home care & living.
  • Providing safe solutions to emergency calls.
  • Providing training and customer care to the artisan industry.
  • Delivering price competiveness and convenience to your shopping.
  • Securing scale and depth to youth skilling.
  • Professional home care.